15.2.2011 0:00
New Laurus interface released - What's new?

New interface of Laurus was released on 15 February 2011. What changed and what kind of new features are available?

  1. New logo and starting page designed by Laurea's graphic designer Petra Boije.
  2. The user interface has a new well-organized appearance and is more user-friendly.
  3. Google style search: Searches in Basic Search are done within All Fields as a default. Previously the default search type was Title Search.
  4. The number of renewal times can be checked on Your Information page.
  5. Full record information and holdings information shown on the same page.
  6. Pictures of book covers are now available on search result pages.
  7. Possibility to save search results and completed search queries for later use.
  8. Limiting search results made easier. More options for limiting on Advanced Search page.
  9. Permalink to record infomation. See action box on the right side of a record information page.
  10. Sharing information in social media + linking to further information in Google Books service. See action box on the right side of a record information page and share interesting books for your friends in your Facebook account!

What remains unchanged - unfortunately

Reserving online is still out of use. Contact with the library staff if you wish to make a reservation.