6.7.2011 0:00
Laurea UAS @ Riihimäki Rock

Laurea UAS enjoyed warm weather and good music at Riihimäki Rock Festival with HAMK. Both Universities of Applied Sciences were representing their local units, Riihimäki and Hyvinkää with a rocking attitude! Main star guests at the festival were Scooter on Friday and Guano Apes on Saturday.
Located near the main entrance, Laurea and HAMK had a nice focal point at their department: an original VW Kleinbus, which fitted to the festival athmosphere perfectly. All Riihimäki Rock participants could come to the stand and get more info about the education or just take part in the activities and summer games that were arranged by the tutor-students.
Both Laurea and HAMK were very pleased with the event. The festival was an excellent place to promote educational services of Riihimäki and Hyvinkää units to the local people and also to the people that came from further off.
Big thank you to Rock’n’Roll Circus for a great event, and also thanks to all participants of Riihimäki Rock! There is still some long hot summer to go, so enjoy it while you can!


HAMK and Laurea had two rockmonkeys lost at the Riihimäkirock-festival. Niko Kytölä and Elisa Ronkainen found the rockmonkeys. They were rewarded by gift tokens to Lippupalvelu and of course the finder got to keep the hooligan. Also at the stand we arranged a lottery which prizes were gift tokens to Lippupalvelu. The lucky winners were Laura Sutinen, Annina Ronkainen, Heli Ilmonius, Päivi Mikkula and the fifth gift token went to Sajaniemi. HAMK and Laurea congratulate all the winners!