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International Students looking for an apartment in Kerava or Helsinki region

Laurea does not have its own student dormitories or other housing for students. ‎Accommodation is available with student housing associations and companies close to most ‎Laurea local units. ‎

International exchange students coming to study at Laurea in the city of Kerava (Laurea ‎Kerava) can apply for accommodation from HOAS and different sources from the private ‎market.‎

International (as well as Finnish) degree students coming to study at Laurea's Kerava unit ‎cannot apply for housing from HOAS this year.‎

Please notice that the apartment situation in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area is extremely ‎difficult and thus it is important to start looking for accommodation as soon as possible and ‎preferably from several different sources! When you receive a housing offer, we strongly ‎advice you to take it.‎

In Finland it is very common for the students to live further away from campus or higher ‎education institution. Remember that it is easy to travel around Helsinki region: the public ‎transport in Helsinki is ranked among the best in Europe! You can check the transport ‎connections from your apartment to the centre or campus areas at Helsinki Region ‎Transport Journey Planner http://www.reittiopas.fi/en/ .‎

If you do not have an apartment before arriving in Finland, be sure to make a reservation ‎for a hostel early enough! The hostels are often fully booked especially in early September. ‎You can search for a hostel at http://www.hostellit.fi/?lang=EN. Or you can try e.g. ‎CheapSleep hostel where you can get a discount on the prize with the booking code STUDENT ‎at www.cheapsleep.fi. You can also try couch-surfing, a volunteer-based network for ‎accommodation, http://www.couchsurfing.org/. ‎


Private sector housing:‎

Apartments and rooms in the private markets are rented both furnished and unfurnished, and ‎for a fixed term (e.g. 5 months) as well as for a minimum of 12 months (after which contract ‎is continuous). Read the advertisements carefully to make sure what is included in the rent. ‎You might need to buy home insurance and pay for electricity and internet connection ‎separately. ‎


Lyyra Rentals is a free of charge rental housing service designed especially for students.‎

Through the Lyyra Housing Service landlords/-ladies may offer an apartment for rent to higher ‎education students, both Finnish and exchange students and students can also look for an ‎apartment or a shared flat. The service is free of charge and no commission or other fees are ‎collected.‎
Go to https://www.lyyra.fi/asunnot/


Forenom is an accommodation and relocation service provider. The service covers the supply ‎of accommodation in apartments from studios to family houses, and from basic apartments to ‎luxury housing. Apartments are fully furnished and equipped for quick moving in and ‎comfortable living. ‎

Forenom offers flats for both short and long term needs. The rent starts from approx. ‎‎500/month/person (basic apartments). Forenom apartments are best rented with a group of ‎flatmates (notice that you have to form the group yourself!). So Forenom apartments are an ‎excellent choice especially if you are arriving with a girlfriend/boyfriend/a group of friends ‎but they are suitable for students arriving alone as well.‎

The rent includes full furniture, electricity, water, TV, pillows, blankets (without bed linen) ‎and dishes. So basically all you need to have when moving into a Forenom apartment is your ‎own toothbrush!‎

If you want to make sure you have an apartment in Finland before arrival Forenom is an ‎excellent choice! ‎

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