LbD Conference: Creativity in Higher Education – First Call for Papers

A distinguishing feature of the contemporary society is that it appears to be in constant process of ‎transformation that affects all areas of life. Thriving in such a complex change process calls for ‎creativity and innovative thinking.‎

In order to meet the needs of the surrounding society and to educate competent innovators of the ‎future, higher education institutions need to give creativity their full attention. The challenges ‎caused by the rapidly changing society will not be solved by traditional means. The world needs ‎creative and forward-looking individuals who can produce creative solutions for the challenges of ‎the working life and industries. ‎

Thus the 2012 LbD Conference invites and challenges everyone to present, develop, benchmark and ‎discuss creativity in higher education. 

We warmly welcome your presentations to the 2012 Learning by Developing - New Ways to ‎Learn Conference on Creativity in Higher Education at Laurea University of Applied Sciences ‎in Finland on May 8th - 11th, 2012.

Please find submission details and further information on the conference web page. ‎‎

Participating in the conference is an excellent opportunity for networking, benchmarking good ‎practices, presenting one's own work and receiving feedback on it, meeting new people, getting ‎new ideas and developing one's own expertise. ‎