30.5.2012 9:15
Best paper award granted in an international conference

​The study by Postdoctoral Scholar, Dr. Mika Westerlund of the Aalto University School of Economics, Department of Marketing and University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business and Principal lecturer, Adjunct Professor (Aalto University School of Economics), Dr. Seppo Leminen of the Laurea University of Applied Sciences, has won the Best Paper Award at the 17th Nordic Conference on Small Business Research. The biennial event on entrepreneurship and small business has been circulating in different Nordic Countries since 1980 and the 2012 conference was held in Helsinki in May 23-25.

The winning study, “In praise of entrepreneurial marketing: a study on entrepreneur-led firms”, investigates the drivers and practices of entrepreneurial marketing with a sample of 3097 entrepreneur-led small firms from Finland.  According to the study, marketing decisions in small firms depend on the entrepreneur’s ability to interpret changes in the business environment. In addition, situational factors, e.g. the firm’s degree of internationalization and the entrepreneur’s growth aspirations, affect its marketing.