Student Benefit and Aid

To whom?

Full-time students completing higher education degrees can apply for financial aid. In principal, financial aid is ‎granted to students admitted into and completing a degree at a university of applied sciences. In certain cases, aid ‎may also be granted to students of a separate module. ‎

Where to apply?

Kela Centre for Student Financial Aid grants financial aid for students, while adult education subsidy is granted by the ‎Education Fund. Financial aid granted by Kela includes a study grant, a housing supplement and a government ‎guarantee for a student loan. The Education Fund provides adult education subsidy to students who take unpaid study ‎leave while working as employees or entrepreneurs. Recipients of adult education subsidy must have been in ‎employment for at least five years. ‎‎

The study progress as well as other income of students are monitored.

At Laurea, the period for student financial aid is ten months each academic year, 1 September – 30 June Students' income affects the annual amount of student financial aid. Receipt of financial aid from Kela is ‎conditional on the sufficient progress of studies.‎‎

Meal subsidies as student benefits

The meal subsidy ateriatuki for higher education students refers to student-priced meals at restaurants that receive the ‎Kela meal subsidy. The restaurant bases the meal prices on a defined maximum price. The meal subsidy is reduced ‎from the maximum price and the remainder forms the meal price for students.‎

Discounts are available with valid student cards and Kela meal subsidy cards. Meal subsidies are available for students ‎completing Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, as well as specialisation studies for which subsidies apply.‎‎