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Autumn 2014 (updated 3.7.)

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Studying in Laurea Otaniemi

The basic mission is promoting people's well-being through welfare and business expertise. All the network-partners have a shared view of how human welfare can be promoted on a sustainable basis.

Within Laurea campus there are workshop facilities, auditoriums, laboratories, a library, premises of health and welfare companies and also the Caring TV® broadcasting centre.

The operating model of Laurea is Learning by Developing (LbD) meaning decelopment-baced learning. LbD as a learning environment is a real development project. It’s implementation is based on the partnerships between students, teachers and working life professionals.

Otaniemi offers four degree programmes in English. Three of these are Bachelor degrees which include:

  • Business management

  • Nursing

  • Social services

Otaniemi's business management programme is called Laurea Business Ventures, where every student chooses their own projects and plan their studies individually.

Students of Nursing degree programme graduate as Nurses or Public Health Nurses, who are experts in their fields.

Studies in social services include many different fields, for example work with children and the elderly, support for families, developing and managing services.

In Otaniemi one can also study Health promotion in a Masters degree programme.


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​Apply to different degree programmes at polytechnics/UAS in Finland with the application form at


 Price list for students office


​Laurea Otaniemi will take in use the price list from 1. April 2014. Costs will cover, among others, the right to study and copies of certificates, and will mainly be for resigned and graduated students.

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