Bachelors Degree in Nursing

The students who graduate from Degree Programme in Nursing are registered nurses who have competency in health promotion, ethics, nursing decision making, clinical nursing and medication, guidance and education, research and development, management and leadership, societal collaboration and culture conscious care. Nurses’ operating environments include the clients’ homes, health care service communities, primary health care, specialist medical units, private companies, associations, organisations as well as ICT and other welfare networks.

In the beginning of the studies the student participates in a real life project in a nursing home or health centre ward of Espoo city and encounters clients and patients. During the education students will develop their investigative approach in different fields of nursing. Nursing students will actively search for targets to develop in nursing. In clinical area students could choose the nursing area that they will deepen as the future career choice.

The education provided in English in Health care and Social services prepares students primarily for the Finnish labor market. A student is recommended to carry out the studies in Finnish for at least 30 credits. In the beginning, the studies are conducted in English, after which the tuition in Finnish increases e.g. through studying together with the Finnish-speaking groups. In addition, studies of Finnish and Finnish culture are provided for 15 credits.

The language of instruction is English. Finnish language is also needed. Therefore Finnish language studies are offered throughout the programme. At the end of the studies most students are able to communicate also in Finnish.

In year 2015 students from Degree in Nursing and Social Services will study in Tikkurila.

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Bachelors degree

Bachelor of Health Care (BBA)

Duration of studies

210 cr, 3.5 years (Nurse)

In which unit can i study?

Laurea Otaniemi


 How to apply


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