R&D Services Otaniemi

Laurea's research and development activities bring together diverse expertise, students, lecturers and operators from industry and commerce in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The R&D environments produce varied services and extensive opportunities for collaboration with professionals and experts.

Focus areas

Research, development and innovation (RDI) are part of Laurea's education.Students, Laurea's own experts and experts from the field collaborate to solve real-life problems. Laurea Otaniemi RDI-activities concentrate on four focus areas, which are derived from Laurea's strategy. Below are brief descriptions of these focus areas.

Expertise in nursing

The key challenge of the Finnish welfare society in the future is to guarantee high-quality and secure care for the whole nation. The technological development, improved information management and economic efficiency pressures as well as people's expectations are creating continuous development challenges for nurses. We as experts are developing the newest nursing expertise together with both public and private organizations. At the same time we are continuously supporting new people-centered nursing expertise development in our degree programs.

Coping at home

The home is the natural human environment.  Even in difficult life circumstances coping at home raises people's quality of life and knowledge of  own abilities. It is in favor for both individuals and society that a greater proportion of people can live in their homes for longer.

Laurea Otaniemi is one of the key Finnish actors when developing ways of coping at home. We act in cooperation with the actors of the sector to continuously develop new service concepts and technologies for the benefit of people. For example in supporting coping at home Laurea has developed a service called Caring-TV, which has  awaken interest internationally. Caring-TV is a service that can easily make health services available for people who need them in their homes.

Security and social responsibility

In modern times, one of  people’s main concerns is the feeling of insecurity.  both physically and socially. Through its RDI-activities Laurea Otaniemi is  developing a safer society. We are involved in the development of social safety-related solutions in conjunction with public and private sector actors. We in Laurea Otaniemi, believe that the overall responsibility of society creates a safe home for everyone to be able to peacefully live their own happy lives.

Student entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are the reforming power of every society. Personal risk takers, active developers are constantly creating new services and products that make our region  remain competitive. Finland has already been for long one of the world’s top countries in innovation operations. We in Laurea Otaniemi, believe that successful entrepreneurship cannot be taught, but it can be learned. The best way to learn entrepreneurship is to concretely develop business that is supported by experts. We give our students opportunities to develop business ideas or existing business activities into competitive solutions to meet customers' wishes. When you learn to have an entrepreneurial mindset already at a young age it gives you good capabilities to develop companies and  a great possibility for a rapid career progression.





CaringTV is a service oriented concept, which is based upon customer firendly and interactive programs and e-services.