Advisory board members


Tore Strandvik
Professor, Hanken School of Economics (chair)

Christopher Evatt
Leadership consultant 

Evert Gummesson
Professor, Stockholm University School of Business

Tero Helenius
Partner, Happimaa Ltd.

Minna Kilponen
Brand Management Director, Cargotec
Jaana Komulainen
Managing Director, Atwork Ltd.
Minna Koskelo
MP SID Student
Tiina-Kaisa Laakso-Liukkonen
Controller, WDCHelsinki 2012
Olli Mannerkoski
Managing Director/Fjord - Nordic

Reijo Markku
Managing Director, Design Reform Ltd.

Anu Nousiainen
MP SID Student

Markku Nurminen
Founder, Zone Interactions Ltd.

Henrich Nyman
Researcher, Hanken School of Economics

Jari Paulamäki

Managing Director, Pickinno Ltd.

Jussi Perkiö

Director, Suomen Terveystalo Ltd

Tomi Söderström
Customer Experience Manager, Tallink Silja
Sari Toivonen
Senior Director Business Development, Invest in Finland

Jaana Tuomi
Managing Director, Espoo Convention and Marketing


SID Advisory Board

The SID masters degree programme's advisory board brings in-depth business and academic SID knowledge into the development and execution of the programme.


Tore Strandvik

Profession: Professor
Organization: Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki
Chairman of the SID Advisory Board

Tore Strandvik has acted as a Director of Center for Relationship Marketing and Service Management (CERS) and as a Head of the Marketing Department at Hanken School of Economics. Tore Strandvik has been also working as a Professor of Direct Marketing at Hanken School of Economics, and he has focused on customer relationships, new media, e-commerce and m-business.
Tore Strandvik currently teaches Marketing at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, he is also a frequent speaker at management seminars and workshops in Finland and Scandinavia, which concern service business as well as relationship marketing and management.
Tore Strandvik is presently involved in several “TEKES” research projects regarding service innovation, service experience design, customer-dominant logic, business-to-business relationships and dynamics of customer relationships. Besides that he is also chairman of the SID Advisory Board at Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

Christopher Evatt

Profession: Speaker, entrepreneur
"Be all you can be and help others"

Christopher Evatt, from New Zealand, is an internationally known speaker, entrepreneur and breakthrough specialist. His passion is assisting people to unlock and use their natural power and capabilities to experience heightened well being and extraordinary achievement in all areas of their lives.
Christopher uniquely combines energy-psychology, inspirational principles and wisdom. Using his evolutionary ideas a Finnish ice skating team became world medalists, a dying New Zealand city transformed itself into the "world's most livable", a universally needed social service was invented and lecture rooms become hot-beds of creative thought, people design careers where they can shine and companies gain results that far exceed the norm by hundreds of percent.
For his "outstanding contribution" he was the first recipient of the New Zealand Government's prestigious "ANAZAC" Fellowship. Because his company was a leader in providing equal employment opportunities, it received the United Nations Decade for Women Award.
Latter he was nominated for the title of World Class New Zealander.
He serves on Laurea's SID Advisory Board.

Evert Gummeson
Profession: Professor
Organization: Stockholm University School of Business, Sweden

Evert Gummesson’s interests embrace service, relationship marketing, network and complexity theory, and research methodology. He has written or contributed to more than 50 books and published numerous articles. His next book, Innovative Case Study Research in Business and Management, will by published by SAGE in 2013.
He is honorary doctor and docent of the Hanken School of Economics and a docent of the University of Tampere, Finland. In 2011 he became the first winner of the S-D Logic Award, founded by US professors Bob Lusch and Steve Vargo, and of the Grönroos Service Research Award from Hanken. The Naples Forum on Service, Italy, has established the Evert Gummesson Outstanding Research Award to be given to scholars who have contributed with innovative and sustainable service research. It will be handed out for the second time at the next Naples Forum in June 2013.

Jaana Komulainen
Profession: Managing director
Organization: Atwork Ltd.

Jaana is enthusiastic about bridging the gaps between service promise and actual service experience. Her company, Atwork Oy, concentrates on analysing service encounters and brand promises as well as the organisation´s capability of fulfilling the promises.

Jaana has professional background  as management concultant, Customer Insight consultant and planner. Her  responsibilities have included several management positions in specialist organisations.

Minna Koskelo
Partner at Human@Work
Minna Koskelo is driven by meaning and purpose. ”To understand the world I live in is my passion. The quest starts always with why, not how.”
Minna has been working in the field of marketing and branding including TBWA Helsinki, Family Inc and Folk Finland. She is a co-founder at Human@Work, a company focused on strategic thinking, introducing a new way to create competitive advantage through strong corporate culture, where every employee is seen as a brand ambassador. She is also co-founder in Futures Specialists Helsinki Network. Minna is specialized in customer understanding and futures thinking. Minna’s approach is multidisciplinary, she applies various of methods in her work including service design, futures research, marketing and branding. ”My mission is simple: to help people and organizations whith my knowledge and expertise. ”

Reijo Markku
Profession: Managing director
Organization: Design Reform Oy
"Cooperation + Communication = QUALITY.‎"

Reijo Markku, the owner of Design Reform Oy, has been active in design business ‎over 20 years. Reijo holds an MA degree in industrial design and has additionally ‎widened his perspective to an overall design management philosophy.
Reijo is also a ‎founding partner of FINNDEX Group (Finnish Design Excellence) consulting Chinese ‎and international Finnish companies in design issues. Lately, also service design ‎has gained a bigger role in Design Reform. Reijo thinks that a satisfied customer ‎is not enough: "We have to delight our customers, offer more than they expected".

Anu Nousiainen

"Flows and Futures"
Value Designer

"It can be said that the story line of my professional life has always been people. Whether it is about exploration and research of needs, concepting and co-designing solutions or working in diverse creative teams, the spark for business development or energizing working culture is initiated in these facilitated interactions and encounters."

Anu has a strong background in international business environment. However, a few years ago she started to work with local SME's, start-ups and entrepreneurs in order to utilize her toolkit for the new growth and flows. For the corporations, she is eager to introduce strategic topics and apply the combination of business, futures and design thinking.

What continues to drive Anu is value and values. Hence, she's keen on exploring business opportunities and to co-create meaningful solutions for both existing and future contexts - from purposeful strategy formulation to systematic capability planning and to agile implementation orchestration. Naturally, with positive and encouraging energy.

Jari Paulamäki
Profession: Managing director
Organization: Pickinno Oy

Jari is an academic ex-retailer who made his dissertation about the operational freedom of the K-retailers. Deep understanding of both theory and practice of entrepreneurship - especially in service business – helps him making the starting five if results are needed (lifetime hobby Basketball still affects his way to express himself).
Present work deals with creating innovation systems to organizations. Motivating the whole personnel to give their ideas to be processed helps the organization to create new services, products and processes. Jari believes in co-operation working in many networks through his one-man-company Pickinno Oy.
Jari has organized a Tekes-funded project, KAHLI, which creates an innovation system for three communities and two companies. Pickinno is a company member in another Tekes-programme, KM-Retail, organized by Aalto-University and Helsinki University. Jari is a member of Laurea SID Programme´s Advisory Board.

Sari Toivonen

Profession: Senior Director, Business Services / Invest in Finland

Sari Toivonen has worked at Invest in Finland is various positions since 2000. Sari has experience in attracting international companies into Finland in the areas of ICT, retail and logistics now concentrating in business services and service design or service innovation, how it is called in Invest in Finland.
Before starting at Invest in Finland Sari lived several years in Germany.
Sari believes that Finland has a lot to offer for foreign companies.
•  Make ideas work. Proven test bed for innovative services in private and public sectors
•  Network with talent. Highly competent labour pool and excellent availability of IT engineering capabilities
•  Build a business. Extensive support for start-ups and transparent business environment
•  Expect solid demand. Increased outsourcing of services in public sector as well as private.

Former SID Advisory Board members

Juha Nissinen
Director, ISS Ltd.

Lauri Toivonen

Lauri Toivonen is an experienced sales and marketing professional with expertize in branding and digital service development. He is also a true entrepreneurial spirit and always approaches challenges with creative business thinking.
Lauri has a wide experience in consulting globally operating companies in their business development. He has worked on brand strategies, marketing campaigns, digital service development and online-business strategies with companies like KONE, Finnair and Nokia - just to name a few.
Today Lauri works as a group account director in Nitro, co-owns a business design company and contributes to initiative to saving the Baltic Sea via Service for the Sea program as a co-founder.