Laurea’s mission within the Finnish higher education system is to be a university of applied sciences ‎specialising in service innovations, operating in ht Greater Helsinki Metropolitan Area and focusing ‎on regional development.‎ 

Laurea’s Values

  • Sense of community ‎

  • Social responsibility ‎

  • Creativity


Laurea's Ethical Guidelines

Laurea's Ethical Guidelines have been drawn up with a sense of community. Its intention is to support the fulfillment of responsibility in daily operations in line with Laurea's values.

Laurea's strategic intent

In 2015 Laurea will be an internationally acknowledged university of applied sciences specialising in future expertise and regional development in the metropolitan area.


Laurea’s profile ‎

  • Service innovations and value networks

  • Internationally acknowledged and productive research, development and innovation activity

  • An operating  model Lbd (Learning by Developing) that promotes the development of working life by ‎integrating learning and R&D


Laurea’s focus areas

  • Service Business

  • Expertise in nursing and coping at home, in the form of general nursing education

  • Security and Social responsibility

  • Student entrepreneurship