Quality actors


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The students actively participate in the evaluation and improvement of operational quality. The most important channels are the student feedback system and different operational development teams. In addition, the representatives of the Student Union of Laurea University of Applied Sciences (LAUREAMKO) have regular meetings with Laurea’s steering group during the academic year. Consultation meetings are organised at the Laurea level as well as the local unit level.

The staff members participate in quality assurance activities by planning, implementing, evaluating, developing and documenting them. They also participate in the search for good practices and the identification of development areas.

The directors of the units and the development managers ensure that the quality system functions properly and that the regions and local units exploit the data produced by it.

The quality experts participate in the quality assurance activities of their units. Their tasks include planning and implementing internal audits as well as preparing reports and providing information on them. In addition, they also organise internal benchmarking events and make the quality work visible. In their local units, the quality experts also handle the operational quality development tasks separately assigned to them.

The student feedback coordinators organise the implementation of the student feedback process of their local units.

The owners of the processes promote the implementation and development of the processes in cooperation with local unit directors, other employees, students and labour market representatives.

Coordinators have been defined for the activities presented in the service description. The coordinators are responsible for the implementation, evaluation and development of the services in cooperation with the staff.

In Laurea level and unit level function target groups use information by ‎quality system. ‎

The Quality Manager systematises and develops Laurea’s quality system as a whole and monitors its implementation. His/her tasks include preparing the quality operating plan every year, planning and organising external evaluations and audits, updating the Quality Handbook and being in charge of quality-related documentation and communications. Also internal audits, internal and external benchmarking sessions and orientation and training events on quality activities belong to the tasks. In addition, the Quality Manager presents quality related matters to the extensive steering group, the development team of the quality system and the regional directors.

The tasks of the development team of the quality system are to develop, monitor and evaluate the student feedback system and quality assurance system, to develop the indicators for the Strategy Implementation Plan 2010–2012 and to prepare an external audit for each object to be audited. The team prepares the matters to be handled for the extensive steering group.

The tasks of the extensive management team are to promote the combination of strategic ‎work and management, to direct quality work and to ensure the exploitation of the ‎data produced by the quality system in the decision-making process and in Laurea’s ‎operational development.‎

The Board of the maintaining organisation (Laurea Oy) approves Laurea’s strategy.

The Board of Laurea University of Applied Sciences approves the Quality Handbook and the overall architecture of the quality assurance system.

The President and The Vice Presodents is responsible for the functionality of the quality assurance system and provides operating instructions concerning Laurea’s entire quality assurance system.

The management team assists the President in strategic management.

The regional advisory boards, International Advisory Board (IAB), labour market representatives and other stakeholder representatives evaluate and improve the quality of Laurea’s operations in cooperation with the steering group, staff and students.