Development of tutoring activities and student well-being

Tutoring support the students throughout the studying phase, so that they have access to the ‎tutoring they need and their studies progress according to their personal studying ‎programme. If necessary, Laurea personnel are given training in tutoring activities. Student ‎feedback surveys related to the students’ study phases and study progress monitoring give ‎direction to Laurea tutoring development.

Student welfare is promoted through different health caring services. Key development ‎methods for student welfare services include a welfare survey targeted at students.‎

As a part of student welfare development, Laurea looks at the impartiality of physical ‎conditions and structure. This study is done at every local unit with the co-operation of a ‎public health nurse, special teacher, host universities and lecturers. The situation ‎concerning the impartiality of local units is studied once in a year. Laurea has also ‎participated in assessing impartiality in university websites. In this work, the access to ‎information on impartiality on university websites was looked at.‎