Development of management and finance

Required management development programmes have been made since 2003. The purpose is ‎to ensure the quality of management expertise. As a part of the programme, a survey of ‎management has been done. Personnel have had a chance to evaluate management and the ‎survey results have served as a basis for the development of vision based management, ‎management development programme contents, and for developing the personal management ‎skills of managers.‎

Laurea’s vision based management will contribute to the Regional advisory boards and ‎International advisory board. They operate mainly in support of the management of the ‎environment for Laurea's future needs of manpower. ‎

The Espoo regional unit has one regional advisory board and Vantaa has two as agreed in the ‎company shareholder and co-operation contract.‎

The function of the regional units is to improve the competitiveness of Laurea by tightly ‎connecting the innovation system and social decision making. The regional advisory board ‎takes part in Laurea’s quality assurance according to the regional development function. It ‎also takes part in preparing regional strategy, makes presentations on research, ‎development and service functions, makes presentations on Laurea educational products and ‎on their development, and monitors and evaluates their implementation. The regional ‎advisory board acts as an expert forum, which takes the initiatives in developing and ‎implementing regional strategies and programmes, and makes statements on request on the ‎development of the region or business community.‎

Laurea International Advisory Board (IAB) supports Laurea in the management and ‎development according to the vision. As an expertise forum, it takes initiatives, evaluates ‎and gives statements. The cooperation between Laurea and IAB is based on shared ‎professional interest in a developing international higher education institution that rises to ‎the future challenges of a global operating environment. IAB transfers to Laurea forecast, ‎benchmarking and network data related to the development of the labour market and of ‎higher education institutions around the world. The IAB members represent seven different ‎scientific higher education institutions in the USA, the UK, Portugal, Japan and South Africa. ‎They are recognised experts in the higher education world and they have extensive experience ‎in cooperation between higher education institutions and the labour market as well as in ‎evaluation and financing.‎

Laurea per unit of economic development activities carried out in line with budget clinics. ‎Budget clinics are used to make budgets for each operating unit and to examine resource use ‎in relation to the operational and financial targets of the following financial year. In addition, ‎the attendees discuss matters that affect the financial situation in the longer term, such as ‎changes in funding, result tracking as well as recruitment and investment needs. The budget ‎clinics are attended by the Administrative Director, the Vice-presidents, the directors of the ‎local units and the Head of Accounting. The outcome is a budget proposal for the following ‎year for each local unit.‎