Regional Development Cooperation

Laurea promotes the internationalisation of the innovation environment, enriching its area of operation with international top-level expertise and promoting the region’s internationalisation. One example of this is the internationalised project work for regional partners:

International Expertise Services (IES) is a new model facilitated by LaureaLabs (research & development environment) and consisting of international trainees and students who contribute to regional development by generating services and research data in their fields of expertise.

Services include applied R&D projects contributing innovative and creative solutions to specific problems in companies and industries operating in rapidly changing, knowledge intensive fields. IES contributes to Laurea's internationalisation through mobility, by employing 20 foreign trainees in 2007, and internationalisation at home, by creating a truly international learning environment for students.  


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​Further information on International Expertise Services:

Mr Rob Moonen, Coordinator, Internationalisation of R&D at Laurea Leppävaara