​Entrance exams 2014


Eligible applicants will be invited to the entrance exams. Applicant's eligibility to apply is based on the certificate photocopies received by the Admissions services by 21 February 2014 16:15 Finnish time. The Invitations to the entrance exams are sent in mid-March. All eligible applicants are required to participate and pass the entrance exams for the degree programme he/she is applying to in order to be considered for admission. Only applicants who have received the invitation may participate in the entrance examinations.

Samples of entrance exams from previous years are not available.

The entrance exams dates for exams held in Finland:

Business Management, Laurea Leppävaara:  23rd April 2014

Business Information Technology: 25th April 2014

Restaurant Entrepreneurship: 24th April 2014

Security Management: 22nd April 2014

Nursing: 23rd, 24th, 25th April 2014 (one day exam)

Social Services: 23rd, 24th, 25th April 2014 (one day exam)


Some degree programmes may have preliminary materials for the entrance exams. The entrance exam generally contains a written part (essay, multiple choice questions) and an interview. The applicants’ language skills will be evaluated on a pass/fail basis in the entrance examination. An applicant who fails the language test is withdrawn from admission. Applicants scoring less than 30 points from the entrance exam are not eligible for admission.


Entrance exam cooperation 2014


Each degree programme generally has its own entrance exam. However, many UAS are in entrance examination co-operation which means the applicant writes one exam and the co-operating UAS accept the exam result. You can apply to a maximum of four UAS/degree programmes in your application form. Your highest option of the co-operating UAS sends the invitation to the entrance examinations and your lower option UAS will accept the result if it belongs to the same co-operating exam group. If you apply to four degree programmes that are not in entrance exam co-operation together, you will receive invitations to four diffrerent entrance exams.  


In 2014 the entrance exam co-operation groups where Laurea UAS participates:


Business Information Technology:
Lappi UAS:BIT, Lahti UAS:BIT, Oulu UAS:BIT, Laurea UAS:BIT

Business Management:
Arcada UAS: International Business, Centria UAS: Business Management, HAMK UAS: International Business, JAMK UAS:International Business , Kajaani UAS:International Business, Karelia UAS:International Business, KYAMK UAS:International Business, Lahti UAS:International Business, Lappi UAS:International Business, Laurea UAS: Business Management, Mikkeli UAS:Business Management, Oulu UAS:International Business,  Saimaa UAS:International Business, SAMK UAS:International Business, Savonia UAS:International Business, SEAMK UAS:International Business, TAMK UAS:International Business, Turku UAS:International Business, Vaasa AMK:International Business     

Restaurant Entrepreneurship:
Haaga-Helia UAS: Tourism, Lappi UAS: Tourism, Saimaa UAS: Hotel, resturant and tourism management, Laurea UAS: Restaurant Entrepreneurship

JAMK UAS:Nursing, Lappi UAS:Nursing, Lahti UAS:Nursing, Laurea UAS: Nursing


Exams outside Finland 2014


Laurea UAS belongs to the FINNIPS network which arranges entrance exams outside Finland for Laurea degree programmes in Business Management, Business Information Technology, Restaurant Entrepreneurship and Security Management. The entrance exams for these programmes are arranged in spring 2014 in the countries listed below.

Applicants living in the countries listed below and also in the neighbouring countries mentioned inside the brackets ( ) will  be invited to the entrance examinations in the country in question. Applicants who have received the Laurea entrance exam invitation may also attend the exam arranged in Finland. Applicants living in countries which are not mentioned below will be invited to the entrance examinations in Finland. Information is subject to change.

Please note the Laurea Nursing and Social Services entrance exams are arranged in Finland only.  

1. Brazil:  São Paulo (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Guyana, French Guiana, Surinam, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina)
2. China: Guangzhou and Wuhan (Hong Kong, Japan, South-Korea, Mongolia)
3. Estonia: Tallinn
4. Germany: Ludwigshafen (Austria, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland)
5. Great Britain: London (Ireland, USA, Canada)
6. Hungary: Budapest (Slovenia, Croatia)
7. Latvia: Riga (Lithuania)
8. Poland: Warsaw (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova)
9. Russia: St.Petersburg, Murmansk, Dmitrov (any other CIS, e.g. Belarus, Ukraine)
10. Turkey: Istanbul (Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, Cyprus, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, United Arab Emirates)
11. Vietnam: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines)