Open University of Applied Sciences

At Laurea Open University of Applied Sciences you can:

  • study while you work

  • improve and update your professional skills

  • aim your studies at achieving specific qualifications

Flexible Study

The studies are rooted in working life, and the knowledge acquired through them is easy to transfer into working and everyday life. If students are working at the same time as studying, the studies have to be flexible. This is why some of the study units are taught online. Open study is done in groups that are integrated into the Laurea's degree student groups.

Studying here is open to all. Anyone interested in open studies is welcome to ask about all courses that are part of Laurea’s curriculum. Some courses (especially in specialist studies) may have requirements for previous knowledge, knowledge of languages etc.

Notice however that Foreign students attending Open University of Applied Sciences studies may need a visa or a residence permit depending on their citizenship, and in practice it is difficult to get these only for this purpose. For more information see the home pages of the Finnish Directorate of Immigration at

Studies come under Laurea’s Qualification Regulations. Entire degrees (qualifications) cannot be completed at the Open University of Applied Sciences. Laurea’s degree students cannot enrol at the Open University of Applied Sciences.

More information

Student affairs offices of Laurea units


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Application for full Degree programme based on previous Open UAS studies

Please note! You will need your official Transcript of Records of your Open UAS studies as an attachment to this application