Entrance examinations  

Information about entrance examinations for Laurea Master's programmes in English. Admission to the Laurea Masters programmes will be based on the entrance exam results.The students' admission is conditional until all relevant original certificates have been checked. Entrance exams for the Laurea Masters programmes are not arranged outside Finland. 

Degree programme in Service Innovation and Design

27 May, 2015 at Laurea Leppävaara, Espoo, Finland. The examination  includes a written exam (3 h) and a group discussion (1 h). The written exam is partly based on prereading material. The prereading material will be announced before the beginning of the application period.

Degree Programme in Global Development and Management in Health Care

25 May 2015, at Laurea Tikkurila. The exam consists of a text-related written exam and a group discussion.

Prereading material: Burke MJ, Salvator RO, Smith-Crowe K, Chan-Serafin S, Smith A & Sonesh S. 2011. The Dread Factor: How Hazards and Safety Training Influence Learning and Performance. Journal of Applied Psychology 96(1):46-70.

The article with no marks may be taken into the examination.