Use of Educational Agencies

The Finnish National Board of Education, the Finnish polytechnics/universities of applied sciences and the Finnish embassies are co-operating in informing foreign applicants that it is absolutely unnecessary and not recommended to use fee-charging educational consultants for making an application to Finnish polytechnics charging a fee for helping someone to fill in the application to Bachelor degree programmes conducted in English at Finnish polytechnics/UAS is against the very principles of the joint application.

If an applicant wants help e.g. in filling the application or something else relating to the application process, the applicant is recommended to contact the polytechnic/UAS, the Finnish National Board of Education and/or the local Finnish Embassy. These are the only reliable sources of information. No local agency has been accredited as an official representative of the Finnish polytechnics and therefore this kind of agency cannot give the applicant reliable advice.

Furthermore, an applicant should always fill in the application him/herself and use his/her own contact details; this ensures that the applicant receives all important information directly from the polytechnic/UAS.

The arrangements for the entrance examinations are in all cases arranged by the polytechnics in co-operation with reliable partners and the fee charged of the applicants at this point is due to the cost generated by the use of the partner's premises and personnel. No other fee is charged of the applicants during the application.