RDI Activities


Encounter Art

Reforming Elderly Care Services

Coping at Home
Coping at Home project is a FinnWell Tekes-funded project that focuses on the aging of human life in the service of good modeling, and physical performance and quality assessment of the development of the indicators.

Caring TV
Caring is a service concept, which is based on customer-oriented and interactive programs, and e-services. Well-being support programs produce interactive visual connection. Caring also provides the opportunity expert, authoritative and peer support. The aim is to support independent living, and living at home.
Caring is the Laurea University of Applied Sciences, the city of Espoo and Videra Ltd was launched in 2005 a joint research and development results.
Caring TV is an innovation that will enhance the users and their family well-being and health. Interactive connection implemented e-services and programs are cost-effective. Caring user-service concept to promote the participants a good and active life!

New Directions in Intelligent Interactive Multimedia

ActiveNet Project
ActiveNet is a research project that focuses on services for older people to explore and develop the value-generating networks.

Safe Home
Safe Home - Project (A30723), customers, universities, municipalities, businesses and third sector organizations working together to develop e-service concept, well-being of Caring ®: One and other appropriate technologies. The project aims to produce well-being and daily life support, preventive services, virtual customers' homes and inclusive group of functions.