Encounter Art Promoting wellbeing -Conference / Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Laurea University of Applied Sciences cordially welcomes you to join this Conference and meet researches and developers in the field of Art and Wellbeing. Laurea UAS has brought Clinical Art from Tohoku Fukushi University, Japan, in year 2006 and developed its own version called Encounter Art in order to use visual art as preventive and rehabilitative way of working with clients of different age. Encounter Art Promoting Wellbeing is an international Conference supported by Active Innovation Net, a research and development network, where this collaboration has started and deepened. The Conference venue is Laurea UAS Tikkurila Campus, Ratatie 22, Vantaa.

Linked to the Conference there will be Japanese Clinical Art – Finnish Encounter Art Exhibition 7th May – 11th May in Tikkurila Campus.

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Registration at latest 16th April 2012

Event begins: 7.5.2012 0:00 Event ends: 9.5.2012 0:00 LOCATION: Laurea Tikkurila Registration: 16.4.2012 0:00 Copy this event to your calendar

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