3.4.2012 13:00
FUAS Advisory Board on Ethics has started operating
The FUAS Advisory Board on Ethics had it’s constitutive meeting on 27 March 2012. The Advisory Board on Ethics consists of members from varying fields of expertice from all FUAS institutions.
The Advisory Board on Ethics supports and promotes the ethics on research operation of FUAS/realization of ethic research operation in FUAS and its mission is to:
- Give statements to be attached on research permits
- Promoting the teaching of research ethics
- Increasing awareness on research ethics by for example maintaining the conversation
- Cooperation with other operators
- Agreeing on common good research practices In FUAS
Statements from the FUAS Advisory Board on Ethics can be applied if the research is required a statement – for example when there is a possibility that the research may cause physical, mental/psychiatric detriments or when person’s legal protection is in danger. In practice the operation covers fairly large researches and projects. It is better that a student discusses about cases concerning his thesis first with the supervisor of the thesis.
The timetables and instructions and forms for requests for statements will be found on the FUAS-sites and there will be a link to the site from the Intranet (both from student and personnel) of each UAS. Many organizations on social and welfare sector have their own advisory boards on ethics or customs concerning research permits and those should be followed. The FUAS Advisory Board on Ethics does not admit research permits and it does not solve problems concerning plagiarism, grades etc.  as each UAS have their own customs concerning these problems. All the forms will be found in English as well, as the Advisory Board on Ethics tries to service all members of FUAS.
The chair of the Advisory Board on Ethics is Head of Development Mervi Friman (HAMK) and the secretary is Pirjo Havukainen (Laurea). Other members of the board are
from HAMK:
- Ismo Vuorinen, Business Administration, Principal Lecturer
- Tapani Pöykkö , Director of Bioeconomy Education and Research Centre
 (substitute Terhikki Mäkelä, Director of Education, Bioeconomy)
- HAMKO representative (substitute HAMKO)
from LUAS:
- Sakari Halmemies , Environmental Engineering, Principal Lecturer / Coordinator of Education
- Sami Lahtinen, Institute of Design, Principal Lecturer
- LAMKOn representative (substitute LAMKO)
from Laurea:
- Pirjo Havukainen, Social, health and sport sector, Principal Lecturer
 (substitute Mikko Julin, Social, health and sport sector, Lecturer)
- Irma Tikkanen, Tourism and hospitality, Principal Lecturer
 (substitute Minna Saarinen, Degree Programme in Nursing, Principal Lecturer)
- Raimo Korhonen, solicitor's office, general services
- LAUREAMKO representative (substitute LAUREAMKO)
In addition the board ‎can invite experts from outside the board for commentary.
The board has officially started operating, but the operation can be shaped to fit the practices of FUAS better.