Research, development and innovation at Laurea (RDI)

Laurea merges research and development activities into its educational task. Working together experts from Laurea, students and partners generate new knowledge.

In practice Laurea R&D is conducted in partnership with the world of industry and commerce which means that genuine workplace development issues and problems are selected as subjects of learning and development.

Laurea's innovation services offer help for utilising new knowledge and competence commercially. Innovation embryos are refined into commercial products and services, for which suitable commercialisation procedures and business models are identified. TULI expert services are made use of during the various stages of the process.

Spinno Enterprise Center delivers world class, award winning pre-incubation and incubation programs for technology and knowledge based start-ups aiming at rapid growth and international success

Laurea publishes research studies, theses, reports and other products of its research and development work. These publications are made available online according to the open access principle. Some publications are also issued in print. Kehittäjä - Prime Mover has been published twice a year as a bilingual magazine with articles in both Finnish and English.



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