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III ENoLL Summer School

Bridging the gap between RDI results and their use from micro to the most macro level through LivingLabs.
The III ENoLL Summer School will take place in Espoo and Helsinki from August 21th to 23rd, 2012. On Monday the 20th August there will be a pre- summer school for participants who would like to present their research papers on Living Labs.
The theme for the pre-summer school will be the same as the one of the summer school which is Bridging the gap between RDI results and their use from micro to the most macro level through Living Labs.
The Summer School provides you an opportunity to test and develop the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators introduced “The Innovator’s DNA”:
 · Associating – making connections across seemingly unrelated questions, problems, or ideas
 · Questioning – a passion for inquiry
 · Observing – carefully watch customers, technologies, firms, etc.
 · Networking – find and test ideas through a diverse network of individuals
 · Experimenting – try out new experiences and ideas
This event expects to accommodate about 100 participants from Living Labs, enterprises, SMEs, municipalities and educational institutions around the World. The summer school therefore welcomes entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, consultants, researchers, local politicians, civil servants, professors and students to participate.
The Summer School will have a multilevel approach to Living Labs, exploring both the micro level product development as well as the needs for designing macro level societal innovations and transformation. The summer school participants will together identify, compare and develop methodologies and implementation toolkits used in Living Labs.  The summer school will highlight the development and future opportunities of the Living Lab movement in bringing together the regional actors with the users, citizen communities, researchers and companies. The Europe 2020 strategy and its flagships such as the Digital Agenda and Innovation partnership will also be in the focus of this summer school. Moreover,  the summer school will co-create methods and strategies on how the regions and the renewal of industries could benefit from the Living Labs approach and how the Living Labs, at the same time, can develop their business models and benefit from the EU funding instruments. For this purpose, practical Living Lab cases such as eHealth/eCare will be elaborated during the Summer School.
In order to activate the use and commercialisation of Living Labs results and innovations, the Summer School invites participants to introduce their overlapping innovations to the companies and other Summer School participants. The participants are provided an opportunity to share and explore their experiences related to topics such as building a thematic Living Lab, building a territorial Living Lab, transforming a research organisation in to a Living Lab, building cross boarder Living Labs, or becoming a smart city.
During the three day summer school, different learning and innovation sessions will be conducted by selected experts. Presentations from previous Living Labs experiences and user driven cases will be heard and opportunities for consortium building to address the EU funding instruments will be organised. As a part of the Learning method in this summer school, excursions to the Living Labs related sites in the Helsinki metropolitan region will be organised. In addition, the participants will get familiar to the World Design Capital 2012 programme.
Laurea Living Labs Network will be the host of this event with the support of its partners Aalto University and Forum Virium Helsinki.
Laurea organises the III Summer School  in collaboration with: the European Network of living labs, Citilab Cornella, the AMI communities, ESoCe NETAsian Smart Living Summer School





















Visiting addresses:
Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Vanha Maantie 9
02650 Espoo, Finland
Aalto University, School of Economics
Runeberginkatu 14 - 16
00076 Helsinki, Finland
Organizers contacts:
GSM +358 401685535
Fax +358 9 8868 7401

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