Laurea Living labs networks welcomes you to the III ENoLL Summer School in August 2012, to be organised in Espoo and Helsinki, the home for Nokia, the World Design Capital 2012 and the European Entrepreneurial Region 2012.
The III ENoLL Summer School will have two main venues. The 21st August the opening ceremony and first programme will be at the Aalto University School of economics in Espoo. On the 20th, 22nd and 23rd, the summer school will be held at Laurea Living Labs Network in Espoo.
Aalto University School of Economics
On the 21st August, the summer school official opening and initial programme will be at the Aalto University School of Economics Runeberginkatu 14-16, 00076 Helsinki. The means of transport and arrival times are briefly explained in the accommodation section of this website.
Aalto University School of Economics was established in the year 2010. The Aalto University is a new university with centuries of experience. The University was created from the merger of three Finnish universities: The Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki University of Technology and The University of Art and Design Helsinki. Aalto University focuses its research on major global issues. New research environments often evolve into larger research programs or units through themes that require a cross-disciplinary approach.
The Centre for Knowledge and Innovation Research (CKIR) is an international research centre at the Aalto University School of Economics. The centre was established in 1999, for scientific research that promotes sustainable, open and human-centric knowledge as well as innovation-driven development. This is done from a firm, economic, technology and wider societal point of view.
Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Laurea University of Applied Sciences is famous for its Learning by developing concept (LbD) of education and innovation as well as its achievement in Service Innovation Design, and Living labs activities. It produces new competences and carries out professionally orientated education, regional development and R&D&I activities. Laurea has multiple awards as the Centre of Excellences in Education and Centre of Excellence in Regional Development by the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council. More information about Laurea can be found here
Forum Virium Helsinki
Forum Virium Helsinki was founded in 2005 and is owned by the City of Helsinki. Forum Virium develops new digital services in cooperation with businesses, the City of Helsinki and other public sector organizations. The citizens of Helsinki participate in testing and developing services.
The goal of Forum Virium is to create better services and new businesses and to open
up connections to international markets. At Forum Virium Helsinki, collaboration networks and implement development projects are built. Current themes for Forum Virium Helsinki are Wellbeing, Smart City, Media, Environment and Energy, Innovative Public Procurement, SME Services and Innovative Communities."
You can also read more about Express2connect, Apollon andproject areas run by Forum Virium Helsinki.
Uusimaa Regional Council is the regional authority for Uusimaa Region. It is the Finnish local authority which operates according to the principles of local self-government, representing the municipalities of the region. Uusimaa Regional Council is responsible for preparing regional development plans and implementing strategic activities in cooperation with municipalities and other public and private operators. Uusimaa Regional Council involves the social partners and the civil society in its activities and brings democratic governance to regional government activities. It has both the expertise and the political power to fulfill its commitment.
Uusimaa Regional Council has coordinated several EU-funded projects during recent years, e.g. Baltic Palette II (financed by Baltic Sea Interreg III B) and BASAAR (Central Baltic Interreg Interreg IV A). In addition Uusimaa Regional Council was a Lead partner in following Interreg III B financed project ESCOBALT, which promoted energy saving and corporate social responsibility in Baltic Sea Region in years 2004-2007 ( URC was also a Lead partner in following cross-border co-operation projects: KUSTI I & KUSTI II (Municipal co-operation), BCKR II (tourism co-operation), STRATEEG (financed by Southern Finland-Estonia Interreg IIIA).
Espoo and Helsinki Cities in a Nutshell: The city of Espoo has grown rapidly becoming the second largest city in Finland. The city brings forth know-how in Espoo, finds new and innovative solutions and gains from the partners’ know-how. See more about the city of Espoo by clicking here
Helsinki is the city that offers a dynamic environment for cultural activities. The cultural climate fosters innovation and supports world-leading achievements in the city. One of the strong economic sectors in Helsinki has been information and communication technology (ICT), which drove rapid growth in Helsinki up to the early years of the 21st century. This led Helsinki to be among the stronger metropolises in Europe. More information on Helsinki city is found here






















Visiting addresses:

Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Vanha Maantie 9
02650 Espoo, Finland
Aalto University, School of Economics
Runeberginkatu 14 - 16
00076 Helsinki, Finland
Organizers contacts:
GSM +358 401685535
Fax +358 9 8868 7401


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